Regarding Bike Lane Proposal for Alpine Avenue

This article from discusses the proposal to cut traffic to two lanes on a portion of Alpine Avenue. The article contains comments from people living in the area that indicate there’s already a problem with traffic congestion at certain times of the day. I drive through areas that have undergone similar changes, and occasionally am forced to sit idling because of too many cars for too few lanes. This is especially galling in the middle of winter, when even the die-hard bikers have given up. And hopefully it’s not news to our current city government, but we can have winter conditions here in Grand Rapids for up to six months a year. Six months of empty bike lanes, and traffic congestion for no reason.

I feel proposals like this are due to a misguided belief that there is a need to implement Agenda 21. If you are unaware of what Agenda 21 is, here’s some information:

Look familiar (Road Diets (Roadway Reconfiguration))? Here’s another example of our city planners succumbing to a federal agency, this time the US Dept of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

As mayor, I would bring an understanding of Agenda 21 initiatives that are apparently lacking in our current city government. Agenda 21 starts at the local level. I feel having local public servants unaware of Agenda 21’s implications is a detriment to the community. My campaign started because of another detriment to our community, fluoridated water, which I document extensively elsewhere on this website. We apparently continue to put this poison into our water at the direction of yet another federal agency, this time the CDC.

I’m not in this race for self-aggrandizement, I’m in this race for the knowledge and fresh viewpoints I can bring to Grand Rapids city government.

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