Would You Have Followed Jim Jones? Answer From Most Voters? Yes!

Old enough to remember the Jim Jones mass suicides. Do you know where the phrase ‘Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid‘ came from?

Are you so committed to the candidate you’re planning to vote for for mayor that you’re willing to join the cult, and drink not cyanide laced Kool-Aid, but hydrofluorosilicic acid (fluoride) laced water? In the same concentration Jones used, fluoride would kill you almost instantly. Parsing it out and letting it accumulate in your body over time eventually does the job, after you suffer the effects, of course.

I am the only one thinking outside the box on this issue, and you owe it to yourself, your family, and your children to research the links I’ve provided. There are millions of people nationwide that would love to vote for a candidate offering to do what I’m offering to do. Most will never get the chance you have, and all it takes is filling in the circle after my name.

Keep using your fluoridated toothpaste (carefully), and spit it out when you’re finished brushing. But break free from your cult-like thinking about drinking it. If you’re not convinced by the over 50 research posts on my site, argue about the research, not the subject. I can’t argue with top independent scientist’s research – can you? And why does our current city government continue to think they can?


  1. I’d vote for you if you were running in Kalamazoo. Our airhead commissioners here have fluoride calcification of the brain. Ignorance to me is when you are so entrenched in your beliefs that you refuse to even see another side to the story. People simply can’t wrap their minds around the fact that their government would intentionally poison them or make them sick. It’s a self-made “hamster wheel” that most are happy to stay on because that is what they are told to do! I wish you luck at waking people up!

  2. I could say a LOT about this as our city in California began this stupid practice in 2009. Could be Grand Rapids population all have been drinking too much “F” water…..sounds like that to me.

  3. Just wonder about the joint issues in Grand Rapids…wondered this for some time. Issues like arthritis, joint replacements…then there are the hypothyroid issues…thyroid issues are massive and “F” kills the thyroid. I’m not in Grand Rapids, but am in the “fight”!

  4. Their brains are either “F” dead or pockets filled with Alcoa/Mellon et al money to see anything else. Probably both. Our council, I’m sure had deep pockets, we fought it here for over 3 yrs and lost the battle…our town was NEVER fluoridated until 2009….. The power of the BUCK….

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