Fluoride Dangers: What’s In Your Pet’s Water?

Our environment is constantly bombarded with toxic waste, by-products and gases from large manufacturing corporations, pharmaceutical companies and a host of other industries. The earth’s most precious resource, its water supply, is also laden with toxic pollutants, including our public water supply. What is it in water that makes it so toxic to humans and pets?

Fluoride And Bone Health

Racetracks in Southern CA such as Santa Anita, Del Mar and Hollywood Park have reported significant rises in bone breakage in horses. Fluoridation in the water causes horses to develop pathological bone structure and other irreversible damage which worsens with consumption. Since the San Diego Wild Animal Park began using fluoridated water, the elephant show has been permanently cancelled with one animal reportedly having mental derangement. Their zebras were also isolated in a separate pen for sudden and unusually aggressive behavior. The Australian state of Victoria announced the recent euthanization of hundreds of Kangaroos due to acute fluoride poisoning. The poisonings resulted from emissions of fluoride from the Alcoa aluminum smelter which were absorbed by local vegetation on which the kangaroos forage. It was reported that more than 200 kangaroos suffered from lameness caused by fluorosis, had developed dental fluorosis and they also suffered from excessive bone growth and lesions on their ankles, calves and paws.

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