Climate Change II

From page 43 of this very expensive report, comes this chart, indicating some temperatures from March of 2012.


The report is dated 9-29-2014, wonder why they didn’t use March 2014 data?

And the page also indicates it rained a lot, we had a flood emergency, and that “climate change is varied and often dramatic“. Very scary stuff indeed. At this rate, since this must be caused by CO2 in the atmosphere, it must be obvious that every year in the future will have the same record breaking days, maybe 110 degrees in March soon? After all, the CO2 in the atmosphere isn’t going anywhere, so if the blanket did it in 2012, look out ahead!

But then a curious thing happened. 2014 looked like this:


Average temperature: 35.9 degrees. Highest Temperature: 63 degrees on March 31st.

How about 2015?


Average temperature: 42.1 degrees. Highest Temperature: 65 degrees on March 16th.

This is a very small sample size, but it illustrates the reason they changed the hysteria inducing terminology from Al Gore’s ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change‘. The models claiming global warming were always wrong, so they changed the name to something that actually always occurs – can’t be wrong there!

How hot will March 2016 be? That depends on so many variables it’s not yet possible for science to accurately predict the answer. Yet they claim their models are of such accuracy that they can predict what’s going to happen 50-100 years in the future. Really?

And now, noted scientist Al Sharpton has come out and said climate change is a civil rights issue. He says, “…African-Americans are at higher risk of being close, or predisposed to areas of carbon…”. Uh, I learned in 7th grade that carbon is an element and the building block of life. And CO2 is something we all exhale and plants need to live. So add Al’s name to the list including the President, the Pope, Al Gore, Prince Charles, and the UN, all warning us about dangers of CO2. The end game in all this? A global carbon tax.

PT Barnum, rest his soul, would probably have had a good answer for all this.

I’m an engineer. As mayor, I will take a very scientific look at issues like this and determine if the extravagant costs associated with sustainable development are worth the dubious results. If you drive in Grand Rapids, you realize we didn’t accumulate one billion dollars of debt by providing the best roads in the country. Is it possible we’re spending way too much money on the wrong things?

More detail on the subject of climate change can be seen here.

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