Pay to Park in Your Own Driveway?

This is part of the logical progression when you have politicians that either believe in, or are ignorant of, Agenda 21. Based on past actions, I believe this describes many in our current city government. We have a big push in Grand Rapids for Sustainable Development, which is Agenda 21 driven. Under the wrong leadership, will this some day come to Grand Rapids?


COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Cobb County is telling a Kennesaw family to apply for permission to park their kids’ cars in their own driveway.

The Oviedo family got a notice of violation for having four cars in the driveway.  The family has relatives visiting and two kids home from college.

“I am angry. I am beyond angry. I don’t see how the government can tell me whose cars I can park in my own driveway,” said Kim Oviedo.

They got a visit Friday from code enforcement, acting on an anonymous complaint. The neighborhood is zoned an Open Space Community. A recent rule changed, and enacted a limit of two cars parked in the drive.

“The fact that my kid’s home from college and now I’m a law breaker I guess,” said neighbor Mark Talley, who has three cars for the summer too.

“I love Cobb County. I love living here and generally I’m a fan of what we do, but it seems to not make a whole lot of sense.”

After Channel 2 consumer investigator Jim Strickland got the county on the phone, officials decided to let the issue slide this summer, but put the family on notice next summer would require a permit to park four cars in the driveway.

“I’m having to pay to park on a property that I already pay tax on,” said Oviedo.

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