Thoughts on Federal Takeover of Local Police Forces

When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution, they chose to set up a weak federal government with limited power. As time has progressed, that wise decision has been continually eroded, and presently the United States is governed by a very powerful federal government that is constantly attempting to usurp powers originally delegated to the states.

I present that brief history lesson after reading about the latest attempts by the federal government to exert control over local police forces. To understand what is being planned, please click here. Where did this idea originate? Read this and see what you think.

As mayor of Grand Rapids, I would not take the carrot of federal funding at the expense of the stick of surrendering local control of the police force. As I stated in my Strong Neighborhoods, Strong City Summit Analysis,

“The meeting started out with Police Chief David Rahinsky describing the state of the GRPD. He then had each of the captains in charge of the four service areas the city is divided into give a discussion with detailed crime statistics comparing 2014 to 2013. The takeaway from these presentations was that crime is decreasing overall, and that the force is maintaining a strong connection with Neighborhood Watch and various neighborhood associations.”

The Constitution created a strong states/weak federal government arrangement for good reason. Again, as mayor, I will resist turning over control of our local police force to any federal bureaucracy.


  1. Sir, here is where you and I bump heads. The reason the federal government should get involved is because people like me life is dangerous on all sides. Crime, racism, and policing. And you may not agree, but cops are out of control when it comes to policing black people. As a matter of fact, I am a victim of your police force several times and no one has made them accountable for it. It is like you want them to target me. Why? What have I done, other be born black as which I am proud to be. I want to live in a city where the cops play with kids, speak to everybody and not hunt a specific race to make quotas. That quota part of the federal government is the problem, but holding local cops is not. If you want my vote, you must be clearer on this part. As far as the fluoride, I’m behind you 100% because I’ve seen what our water look like after testing it. And it disgusts me. I can help you that agenda, but cops? We need to go back to the table. Maybe you need to speak to black people about certain things…or will you you be another person who don’t care? If so no vote. My message is to all candidates.

    • I stand against the discrimination you describe. I guess you’ve tried to address this with local officials, and gotten nowhere? If you think it’s bad that you can’t work with your local police and local city commission and mayor, do you think the situation will improve if some faceless bureaucrat in Washington is the one fielding your complaints? I’ve said in the past, we have more control at the local level. Since apparently you’ve received no support from our current city government, that to me means it’s time for a change.

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