Dare to Think

From the article by Darlene Sherrell:

In 1979, Edward Groth III, Senior Staff Officer, Environmental Studies Board, National Research Council, wrote: “…the politically minded zealots have used tactics of intimidation, professional and financial reprisals, derogatory personal attacks, and relentless public relations propaganda to silence scientific critics, to prevent the publication of adverse evidence, and to make politically untenable any interpretation except the official view, that fluoridation is absolutely safe. Can scientific evidence really be suppressed in the free world? Easily.”

Is my attempt to become mayor politically untenable because I’m going against official government dogma? Will uninvolved voters without all the information let that happen, to their own detriment? The fight against fluoride in the water is nothing new. Here’s an interesting viewpoint from the past that challenges us to think outside the box:


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  1. My mother, Darlene Sherrell, fought water fluoridation up until her dying day. She worked for the People, and never made a dime doing it. It was her calling. God Bless John George, for this fight. It will be well worth it!

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