Moncton New Brunswick, Canada Phasing Fluoride Out of Water

Moncton is in the process of phasing fluoride out of its water supply after the city voted in December to take the element out of the system during a five-year pilot project.

The city endured a contentious debate last year that ended with Moncton council voting 7 to 4 to remove fluoride from the water supply.

That decision came after Dieppe voted to remove fluoride from the water supply and Riverview voted to keep it.

Moncton broke the deadlock between the communities.

Paul Thomson, the communications director for Moncton, said traces of fluoride will be in the water system for a few more weeks.

“The phase-out program began immediately after council made the decision and it should be out within four to six weeks,” Thomson said.

Thomson said the process has to be done slowly so it does not affect the overall chemical balance in the water supply.

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  1. Hi John, Could you please send me a .jpg pic of yourself along with a couple of lines describing how you became aware of the impact of fluoride on health, and how that ended up with you deciding to run for mayor in Grand Rapids this year PLEASE? I’m based in Ireland and I run a health website and I’d like to write an article on fluoride activism for Green Action News.

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