Fluoride and Your Thyroid

From an article by Dr. Izabella Wentz:

Did you know that fluoride was used to treat hyperthyroidism up until the 1950s, prior to the development of other thyroid-suppressing medications?

Fluoride is effective as a thyroid suppressor at doses of 0.9-4.2 mg per day for hyperthyroidism. Most adults in fluoridated communities are ingesting between 1.6 and 6.6 mg of fluoride per day from water inadvertently suppressing their thyroid function!

Fluoridation partially began as a collaborative effort between dental associations, the U.S. government and sugar lobbyists who wanted to find a solution that would allow people to have fewer cavities while continuing to consume just as much sugar. Proper nutrition should be emphasized and should eliminate the need for fluoride.

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  1. I’m the founder of Thyroid Support Ireland, a web based support network for people affected by thyroid illness who live in Ireland. The Republic of Ireland is one of the last places in the world where the state mandates compulsory fluoridation for all water. Many people here, like you, know how fluoride affects health and we resent costs – which are estimated to be about ten million euro a year. Plus, our Government is bringing in new water charges, while refusing us the right to refuse forced fluoridation. We’d love you to win in Grand Rapids, because of the signal it would send around the world. Would also like to talk to you about environmental activism in general.

  2. I have lived in grand rapids for 8 years. About a year after moving I started noticing signs of hair loss, weight gain, lethargy, difficulty thinking and remembering, swollen thyroid glands, muscle and joint pain etc..I was tested and diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My doctor prescribed synthroid and that was it. A few months ago my doctor found nodules on my thyroid. I am currently waiting for biopsy results to see if I have cancer. In the mean time, I have been researching how to prevent the nodules from getting any larger. This one among many studies I found linking floridated water to hypothyroidism. Thestudy was led by Stephen Peckham of the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. They compared 2012 national data on levels of fluoride in drinking water to trends for hypothyroidism as diagnosed by family physicians across England. They found that in locales where tap water fluoride levels exceeded 0.3 milligrams per liter, the risk for having an underactive thyroid rose by 30 percent! Peckhams’s team also found that hypothyroidism rates were nearly double in urbanized regions that had fluoridated tap water, compared with regions that did not. This is one of many studies I have found. Why did my doctor not inform me of these risks AND knowing these risks, why does the city of Grand Rapids continue to flouridate the drinking water at such high levels? Not to downplay the water crisis in Flint, but if the city is knowingly flouridating the water at alarming levels it doesn’t make them any different. This has to change. Too many people are getting sick!

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