Welcome to fluoridefreegrandrapids.com. This website is dedicated to helping Grand Rapids get the fluoride (hydrofluorosilicic acid) out of our drinking water. There’s plenty of information under the fluoride tab if you’re interested in the effects of fluoride on health. And these effects aren’t happening to someone else, they’re happening to YOU! Or to get started you can just click a link below to see a related article on fluoride you’re interested in:

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Fluoride Depletes Iodine, Causing Hypothyroidism and Immune Deficiency

If you can become educated on this subject, if you can inform your friends of the harms caused by fluoride, that’s another step closer to taking care of this problem in Grand Rapids once and for all.

This site also provides legacy information on other topics relevant to Grand Rapids.

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  1. I just wrote some comments similar to your information here in a response to a survey by Grand Rapids Water Treatment Environmental Services. Hope it does some good to get more support to make this change.

  2. You may want to learn a bit about fluoridation in Grand Rapids and write about it. If you can find an old copy of “Fluoridation” by Isabel Jansen you will read that heart death rates in Grand Rapids were much higher than the state average after fluoridation. Grand Rapids got a federal grant for $5,000 to try and figure out why their heart death rate was so much higher. That was a lot of money back then. The same thing happened in Isabel’s home town of Antigo Wisconsin. Antigo went from a way below average heart death rate to way over after fluoridation. And heart death rates went way over average in Newburg NY, another of the trial cities like Grand Rapids. And heart problems showed up in zoo animals after they got fluoridated water.

    This was when few people were exposed to this toxin, and few had ever gotten the kind of sustained dosing that fluoridation gives. The negative effects could be clearly seen, but of course there were denials and searches for something else to blame it on. And you probably won’t find anything official written about the 1984 fluoridation chemical spill that happen in your city.

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