Climate Change IV

October 16, 2015 admin1 0

If you’re concerned about climate change, it’s probably not as described by the droning of the CO2 obsessed mainstream media. If you’ve looked into the […]

Climate Change III

August 10, 2015 admin1 0

In previous posts on this subject, I was rather dismissive of the effects of CO2 on climate change. We have had higher levels of CO2 in […]

Climate Change II

July 26, 2015 admin1 0

From page 43 of this very expensive report, comes this chart, indicating some temperatures from March of 2012. The report is dated 9-29-2014, wonder why they […]

Climate Change

July 19, 2015 admin1 0

I have an opinion on climate change that will be unpopular with those that listen to the constant drone of the mainstream media to the point […]