The race is over, your choice has been made. It’s been quite an experience for me, and I hope some of the things I wrote were learning experiences for you. I was probably the worst politician in the race. That’s OK, I said repeatedly I wasn’t a politician, I wanted to be a public servant. I don’t like politics, and believe politics makes for bad government. This country’s in trouble, this city’s in trouble, and politics plays a big role in that. And while I lost the race, I hope to never lose my ability to see behind the curtain and truly understand the things going on around me. I will never live in the Matrix.

My worst regret isn’t that I lost, but that I couldn’t reach enough of you on the issue of fluoride. I won’t harp on that now, if you’re here you’ve heard enough. I do plan to leave the site up for the foreseeable future. When time permits, I hope you will inform friends of all the information on fluoride here. Perhaps they will become informed and join the fight. We need all the help we can to petition the leaders we continually elect that don’t listen.

I appreciate each and every one of you that voted for me, because it indicates you didn’t fall for the hype, yard signs, robo calls or flyers, but instead went to my website and learned about issues. Not propaganda, not fluff, but issues. You voted like you were voting for an individual with a plan, and didn’t transport yourself back to high school and pretend you were voting for senior class president.

So finally, thank you, I wish the city well, and will continue on with life now as I was happily leading it before March 18th, 2015.

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