Fluoride Debate Receiving National Attention Reported by Local News

Here’s a WOOD TV report about fluoride. It’s quite heavily laced with pro-fluoride propaganda. It also seeks to demean those with a different and possibly more enlightened viewpoint as “conspiracy theorists” or as being “on the fringes”. The main benefit the article claims is a reduction in cavities. Is mass water fluoridation the reason, or was the introduction of fluoridated toothpaste at about the same time the reason? If putting fluoride in the water is the cause of reduced cavities, then why are rates of dental caries decreasing in both countries that fluoride and don’t fluoridate their water? Not mentioned in the article: effects on the pineal gland, thyroid, links to bone cancer, the possibility it’s a neurotoxin, and more. Seem like a lot of possible problems for the supposed benefit of reduced cavities.

Sadly, Grand Rapids is known as the first city in America to pollute our water with hydrofluorosilicic acid, and in over 73 years we haven’t elected leadership that will consider removing it, or that even seems comfortable addressing the subject.

This website is here to fully address the subject, and there are multitudes of posts which question the safety and supposed effectivity of the toxin our local government has deemed is safe to consume.



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