FAN Introduces Evidence That Key EPA Witness Lied Under Oath

San Francisco, CA: Plaintiffs’ attorneys had a good day at the courthouse on Tuesday, Jan 16 in San Francisco, as a pre-trial hearing wrapped up before the start of a 9-day federal trial over fluoride’s neurotoxicity, according to the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Key moments:

  • The trial will take place in-person in San Francisco and will also be live streamed on Zoom.
  • Court says suppressed NTP fluoride report will be given a “fair amount of weight” at trial.
  • Court ruled that NTP’s Scientific Director will be allowed to testify on the NTP report
  • FAN attorneys introduce evidence that a key EPA witness lied under oath.

The entire story can be found at the website.


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  1. I live in Wyoming and have talked to the person in charge of our water treatment. He very much does not want to hear it. I will try and pass it on when it comes on the internet.

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