North Carolina County Makes Bold Move Against Fluoride in Water, Prioritizing Children’s Health

Wouldn’t it be great if the city commission of Grand Rapids MI cared about its constituents as much as Union County NC does? I’ve personally talked to my commission(s) in the past, as well as our current mayor. Some wonderfully informed women talked to them here, yet nothing has been done since a past commission from the dark ages some 75 years ago made the fateful decision to put poison into our water supply. 

On a side note, the city of Grand Rapids continues to beat the dead horse of lead paint, which affects relatively few, yet is perfectly satisfied to put a poison worse than lead into the water supply, which affects everyone who drinks it. Here’s a post about their relative toxicities.

Current MOAB report below.

In a decisive action, Union County, North Carolina has chosen to eliminate fluoride from its water supply, honoring the concerns of vigilant local citizens. Following a close 3-2 vote on February 19th by Union County commissioners, influenced by expert testimonies and studies, the move signifies a significant shift towards individual health autonomy and speaks directly to the conservative value of personal freedom.

The novel decision was largely pushed forward by residents like Abigail Prado of the Moms for Liberty Union County chapter, who shed light on the risks that fluoride poses, particularly to the very young. Prado underscored her position by referencing a 2019 study, which reported, “maternal exposure to higher levels of fluoride during pregnancy was associated with lower IQ scores in children aged 3 to 4 years.” This study suggests the crucial need to reassess fluoride intake, especially during pregnancy.

Abigail Prado didn’t mince words as she presented her case before the commissioners, saying, “I’m here tonight to present the board with evidence that fluoride is a known neurotoxin in the scientific community and to present a study which has found that fluoride in public drinking water can cause significant IQ damage to gestating children when consumed by pregnant mothers.” She stressed the alarming impact this could have, “Millions of pregnant women are currently being exposed to levels of fluoride that have the potential to lower their children’s IQ by at least four to six points,” Prado added, demonstrating the gravity of the situation.

For more, including a video, click here.

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