Don’t Trust a Lying Government

Rand Paul recently said, “don’t trust a lying government“. I agree, which is why I began my campaign for mayor of Grand Rapids. Because the current city government is either:

  • knowingly lying to you as they continue to support water fluoridation;
  • will listen only to the city water manager, who says we are meeting federal guidelines (true), and leave it at that (and will they do the same thing if the federal government wants to federalize our local police force?);
  • are fearful to deal with such a controversial issue as it may affect their chances for election (after all, what’s important?);
  • are too busy to investigate the reams of data which I have repeatedly put before them over the last 4 years regarding the probable harms caused by fluoride;
  • have their own fluoride filters and don’t care about your problems;
  • or perhaps worst of all, have looked at the data and just don’t understand what they mean.

If you are currently planning to vote for someone who for any of the above reasons is still supporting the 1945 decision, made using 1945 data, regarding fluoride, perhaps you should reevaluate your decision. Perhaps you should wonder what other modern issues, which I cover elsewhere on this site, they may not be equipped to deal with, and whether they are truly qualified to lead the city of Grand Rapids starting in the year 2016.


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